7 Best Landing Page Techniques To Improve Conversion Rate

best landing page techniques

If you are an Internet marketer always try to convert people into buyers. In today’s marketing world you must have seen various landing pages with attractive design. This sets the tempo of converting people into customers. You get emails with great design and call to action. In this article, we will see the Best Landing Page Techniques to boost conversion rate.

What Is A Landing Page?

Best landing page techniques

A landing page is an attractive, clean and elegant web page that attract users attention immediately. 

A Landing page is created for various purposes like selling products, promoting products, generating leads etc.

Creating a landing page will help you to target your audience and convert them into potential customers.

Best Landing Page Techniques To Follow

There are various landing page design techniques you can use. These techniques will help you to boost your conversion rate.

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1. Title and Headline

Title and headline are the first things users see on your landing page. So if you are creating a landing page for products then your title should be the name of your product. A Headline should be related to the title so that user get more info about the product. 

Your headline and title will generate curiosity among the users. The users will definitely click on your product call to action link to see more details.

2. Use Real Photos For Better Result

Always try to use real photos instead of custom or filler images. Web developers use photos from the internet or default template images to make page attractive.

This is not a good practice the users ignore such kind of stuff. For better conversion always use real photos. Make sure that every image on your landing page has some purpose.

3. Pick Right Colors

pick right colors

Always try to use bright colors on your landing pages. This will help to improve the visibility of the page.

Be careful in choosing colors, A wrong color match can affect your users. So many websites use bright colors so that users can easily understand the product and offer.

Samsung website uses very bright and attractive color combinations. What if they choose some dull or dark color, There site will look completely different.

4. Proper Description

proper description

When you create landing pages for product or services it’s important to explain in depth about the products and services you are offering. The customers always want to know what your selling or offering.

Try to create a short video explaining your product or services. You can include testimonial videos this will lead to better conversion. 

By creating a video you provide more detailed information to the users.

5. Call To Action Button

call to action

The most important Landing Page Techniques is to create a proper Call To Action Button. By creating good titles and descriptions will be of no use if there is no Call to Action Button on the landing page.

This button indicates what your landing page is all about. You want a user to register or want the users to buy a product or services.

Examples of a call to action: Buy Now, Register, Notify, Shop Now, View More, Checkout, Click Here etc.

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6. Try Making It Bigger

If you want to draw more attention to your landing page try to make it bigger. Important messages or call to actions should be large enough on your landing pages.

All the users should see your important elements easily. This will drive there focus more on the important aspects. 

7. Take Action

Start testing your landing page and improve the design if needed.

Best landing page techniques include great design with quality Call To Action Button. This will give a boost to your conversion rate.


Designing a landing page is a challenging task. Many professionals use different methods and techniques to get the perfect results. I have listed 7 Best Landing Page Techniques that will definitely help you to get better results. Do comment your views on this.

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