9 Best Content Marketing Tips To Follow In 2018

Best Content Marketing Tips 2018

Content marketing is one of the most important parts of Digital Marketing. From big companies like Pepsi, CocaCola to small companies create content for advertisement. Creating content is not a big deal but marketing that content is a big task. Content marketing is not only creating content and advertising. It is all about showing your customers who you are and how you are better than your competitors. Let’s see 9 best Content Marketing Tips to follow in 2018.

content marketing tips

Content marketing strategy needs proper planning, executable goal, Clear vision, proper time and money etc.

9 Content Marketing Tips to get best results

1. Understand Your Audience Very Well

Content marketing Tip is all about providing values to your audience. These values can be educating, entertaining, creating curiosity. This builds a long-term trust between you and your audience.

First and important step in content marketing is to understand your audience very well. So that you can create the best content based on your target audience.

Ask these questions before creating your content.

  • Who are your ideal buyers and clients?
  • Why should they purchase your product?
  • How your content can solve their problems?
  • Lack of information you can fill with your content?

This will help you to create good content.

2. Strong and Catchy Headlines

One of an essential content marketing tips is Strong and effective Headlines will increase your click. 8 out of 10 people will read your Headline. 2 out of 10 will read your content.

Tips for strong headline

  • Make the headline useful and readable to users
  • Create curiosity among the users
  • It should convey proper message
  • Use proper fonts

content marketing headlines

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Above are Some example of powerful headlines.

3. Effective Call To Action

Including an effective call to action will help you to get more clicks and sale. 

Call to Action denotes the next step in your campaign. This tells the customers where to go next. Proper placement of Call to Action will help you to get better results.

call to action content marketing

Call to Action can be

  • Buy Now
  • Sign Up
  • Join Now
  • Click Here
  • Download Free Ebook

4. Visual Content

Visual content is more attractive and effective. You must have seen on Facebook Video and image post works well. The reach and engagements are more on visual contents.

Visual contents are of different types.


Break down the information into attractive slides share it on social media channels like SlideShare.


Videos content are the most engaging and attractive content exists. Create high quality and informative videos.



Image Source: WordStream

Infographics are becoming popular day by day. Storing all the information in a single image. Users just love this type of content.

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5. Publish Time and Date

After creating an effective and engaging content its time to release it. Select the proper time and channel to publish.

This will help you to roll-out your content effectively. The occasion is very important to publish long content.

6. Publish On Various Channels

social media platforms

After selecting publishing time share your content on various channels like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram.

Ask your friends and followers to share the content. Run paid campaigns to get better-targeted results.

7. Create SEO Friendly Content

SEO Friendly Content will help the users to find it easily on the search engines. So it is very important to create content based on SEO.

List Of SEO Techniques to follow

Target One KeyWord Per Page

Optimize one keyword per page. Users will find your content easily. Targeting multiple keywords will not help in optimization.

Main Keyword In Your Content.

Users who come to your website through search engines will find that keyword in your content. so it is better to include your main keyword.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Don’t put lots of keywords in your content. This will not help in SEO. You are writing the content for humans not for bots.

Provide Quality content Over Quantity

Create quality content which helps the users to find out what they are looking for.

Instead of creating lots of content try to create quality content.

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8. Analyze Your Campaign

analyzing content marketing

After publishing and promoting your content effectively track the performance. This is the most important content marketing tips to follow.

Analyze your content properly and see how it performed.

Ask Some Questions?

  • What Worked For You
  • Which Channel Worked Well
  • Your Target Audience

After proper tracking and analysis improve your campaigns. This will help you to build more effective campaign next time.

9. Keep Going On And On

Content marketing is not a one day task. It takes time to get popular. So keep on doing it and provide value to your audience. These will help you to maintain your position in the market.

These were the Best Content Marketing Tips to follow in 2018. Do comment your views on this.

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