5 Reasons Why People Leave Your Website In 10 Seconds

You have spent many hours on building your website. You must have researched all the relevant keywords. Started publishing contents on it accordingly. After publishing your site gets decent traffic but, you notice that people are leaving your site in seconds. If people will leave your site early there will be an increase in bounce rate. Let’s look the Reasons why people leave your site early and check out How To Increase Site Traffic.

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You start to wonder why there is less engagement on your website. Why people are not interacting with your site as you want. There are various reasons to this issue. I have found out 6 Biggest issues why people leave your website early. 

1. Content Is Not Relevant To Search Term

This is the common issue you will get to see many times. While searching in the search engine you will get the title or keyword of the searched term. But after clicking on it you will find content is not relevant to your search term.

For Example

This was the search result after a football game between Liverpool Vs Man City. Player Sadio Mane got Red Card and famous footballers started tweeting on it. Fans were looking for all the views and reviews on it.

google search termAfter Clicking on it the content was not there what it was mention in the title. People were looking for Robbie Fowlers Four Word Tweet.

robbie fowler tweetAfter visiting, people didn’t find what they were looking for. And started negative comment on the post. You can read. This resulted in the loss of visitors. There was no engagement.

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Example 2 

Search Term Is Reebok Shoes

reebok shoes

I have searched for Reebok shoe in Google. The search Results are as follows.

reebok shoes google

Now by seeing the title, description, and website, I can easily make out after clicking I will get What I want. These are some popular e-commerce website which I usually visit. After clicking on it I will get all the Nike shoes.

How To Increase Site Traffic and make visitor engagement. The content has to be relevant to your search title. Otherwise, your visitor will leave your website early.

2. Site Is Not Responsive or Mobile Friendly

The smartphone users are increasing day by day. People usually prefer their mobile phone instead of Laptop and Desktop to browse the internet. If your website is not mobile friendly or responsive The visitors will leave your site. So How to increase site traffic and retain visitors.

Some Stats Of My Website From Google Analytics

Google Analytics

google analytics device

You can clearly see almost 72% are mobile users.

Test your website with Google Mobile Friendly Test

Just type your sites URL in the Box and select “Run Test” 

how to increase site traffic

After Clicking on “Run Test” Google will analyze your website and check if it is mobile friendly or not.

google mobile friendly test

In the above screenshot, you can see my Website is mobile friendly.

If your site is not responsive the visibility of the website will be not good on the mobile phone. 

Below is the example of a website which is not mobile friendly.

not mobile friendly

In the above screenshot, you can see the title and image of the website is not visible.

So if your website is not responsive, ask your developer to work on it. The no. of smartphone users are more and you can lose your potential visitors. This is how to increase site traffic.

3. Website speed is slow

Website speed matters lots when it comes to traffic. Recently on stats came Amazons upload speed was slower by 2 seconds and they lost Billions of rupees.

So if you want to win the game of traffic your website speed should be good.

Check your website speed on Pingdom Speed Test

pingdom webiste speed test

Type your website URL as shown above and click on start test.

website speed test

In the above screenshot, you can see the results. They will provide you a deep analysis of your website.

How To Improve Website Speed

1) Select a good Hosting Provider

2) Don’t Upload heavy images

3) Remove Unnecessary videos and Audio on the site

4) Remove To many Pop Up and Ads

So optimize your website well so it does not have any problem of slow down.

4. Complicated Website Design

When you’re designing your website, test it as a user. The structure of the website should be simple and understandable.

The developers should keep in mind some good website before developing.

The header, Body, and footer of the website should be clearly visible. The pages and content should be optimized.

apple website

You can see Apple website is neat and clean. The menu bar and the banners are visible properly. Users can navigate it easily.

Place your ads and popup properly on your website. There should be separate space for all your ads and pop ups.

Advantages Of Good Design

Users will be able to navigate easily

They can find information easily

The call to action will be effective

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5. Plenty Of Ads on Your Site

If you are running ads on your website it should be limited. Select proper space to run your Adsense or other ads. 

Sometimes it becomes very difficult to identify whether it is Ads or website content. The user will get confused and he might leave your website.


website ads

In the above image, you can see Ads making the content complicated.

So remove unwanted Ads from your website. Make it user-friendly and increase visitors to website.


There are plenty of reasons visitors can leave your website. You should always check your Analytics.

If you see any dropdown of the visitors start inspecting your website.

Check the loading speed of your website. Check on the mobile whether your site is opening properly or not.

Remember your visitors are your assets. So don’t let them down. This is How to Increase Site Traffic and retain your visitors.

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