How To Write Good Blog Posts 6 Professional Tips

How To Write Good Blog Posts

There is a difference between Blog Posts and Good Blog Posts. Normal Bloggers write blog posts but, A-List-Bloggers write good blog posts. Writing Blog posts is not just opening your editor and start writing it. It involves certain steps to make it valuable for the readers. In this article, I will list Professional methods of How To Write Good Blog Posts.

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There is one golden rule for every blogger “Content Is King”. If your content is good and valuable your blog will start getting value. Before writing a blog post you must know How To write a Blog. 

If you want to become A List Blogger from Normal Blogger you have to follow them. What makes them different from you? Refer their Blog posts and you will find a huge difference.

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So Follow this 7 Professional Steps How To Write Good Blog Posts to make your content more valuable and demanding.

Step 1. Prepare First

How To Write Good Blog Posts

The most important step to follow. Before start writing preparation is very important. You have to research first on the topic you will be writing. 

Before writing focus on these questions:

  • Why is this topic important?
  • What are the important points you will write?
  • What your readers will get from this post?

People see lots of post in a single day, so you have to make your post best.

After researching now divide your post into paragraphs with sub headings. Try to include quotes wherever possible.

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Step 2. Understand Your Audience

Understanding your Audience will help you in creating posts that will be engaging. From your previous posts, you should figure out the response of your Audience.

The Audience is everything for a Blogger, so provide good content. Don’t manipulate them this will result in a loss. If you are writing on the particular subject or topic continue with that only. This will generate trust on your Blog.

Step 3. Easy To Read Content

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The content of your post should be readable and understandable.

Make your content split into parts with sub-headings. This will keep the readers engaging. Try to make list using bullets and numberings. This will help the readers to understand better.

Organize your content well and try to use easy words which are understandable to the masses.

Step 4. SEO Friendly Content Writing

The most part in How To Write Good Blog Posts. If you miss this part then all your efforts will not count. SEO will help your post to rank better in search engines.

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Search your keywords properly and optimize your content to Rank better. This helps your readers to find your blog post quickly in the search engines. Your organic traffic will automatically increase.

Step 5. Use Images

Images are very important to attract readers. Use proper and relevant images in your post. This will help the users to better understand.

Optimize the images with proper title tags and Alt Text. This will help the images to rank better in image search. Use website like to get creative and attractive images.

Step 6. Pick A Catchy Title

The title is what grabs the attention of the readers. If your title is catchy and attractive the user will definitely click on it.

So work on your Headings and Title try to put focus keyword in it. Create a title with proper length so that they are SEO friendly.

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This is 6 Professional tips on How To Write Good Blog Posts. Follow these steps properly and make the most out of it. Do comment your views on this.

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