Make Money Online In India Without Investing Much

Make Money Online India Without Investment

We are living in the era where everything is online. We spent 90% of our time on the Internet. Let it be Facebook, Online Shopping or Banking. The Internet is a platform where we have the opportunity to Make Money Online India Without Investment much.

But, it is not that easy to make money as many frauds available in the market. So we very careful while choosing any opportunity. There are many genuine and reliable ways to Make Money Online India Without Investment heavily.

There are millions of ways you will find on the internet to earn money. I will not say all are frauds but many are. So search what matches your skill properly and best. 

These are 5 tried and tested genuine ways to Earn money online in India. It requires dedication and hard work to get success. If you have these two things you can earn millions from youtube.

1. Blogging


If you have good writing skills than a blog is the best way to earn money online. Bloggers like Neil Patel, Harsh Agarwal earn millions of rupees monthly. You must have seen many blog sites like ScoopWhoop, Topyaps etc on your Facebook timeline. 

The Investment is very low to start a blog site. You just need a topic, Domain name and hosting to get started.

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After getting enough traffic apply for Google Adsense to earn good amount of money.

2. Youtube Channel

Make Money Online India Without Investment

If you Want to Make Money Online India Without Investment a penny. Just build a Youtube Channel and start uploading videos. You should find out the type of content you will upload. There various topics like Product or service reviews, Sports, Food, Comedy etc.

You must be heard of BB Ki Vines the guy makes 15 to 30 lakhs per month from Youtube. There are many Youtuber who earns handsome amount of money from youtube.

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3. Become An Affiliate

Affiliate marketing

There are lots of Affiliate programs available on the Internet. Commission Junction, ShareASale, Amazon, Flipkart etc. They give the handsome amount of commission. 

You just need a skill to sell their product on the Internet. They will give you commission accordingly. Write the review of the product in your blog and give the Affiliate links in that blog. One will buy from your link you will get a commission.

4. Sell Your Skills

sell your skills


There are lots of companies and people in need of freelancers. Skills like Photoshop, Video Editing, Digital Marketing etc. 

There are various sites also which gives the opportunity to list your skills. Sites like Freelance, Fiver, Udemy etc. Just register on their sites list your skills and get a client. You can get fixed customers if your service is good.

5. Work For Other Websites, Companies


It includes Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation or Content Writing. If your writing skills are a good many companies will hire you as a freelancer.

You can work from home if you know Digital Marketing. Many websites pay a handsome amount of money If you have Digital Marketing Skills.

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These are tried and tested 5 ways to Make Money Online India Without Investment Much. If you are getting any other opportunities please do the proper research. Many Frauds are there in the Internet world.

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