Myths About Virginity We Need To Know

Myths about virginity

There are various Myths about virginity all around. In any of the relationship physical connection is very important. In India we really feel very weird to talk about sex with anyone. So we just believe all myths that are surrounded by our forefathers. We follow the same thumb rule.

First time sex is very vast and sensitive topic in India. We hardly discuss and try to know about it. What we know is sex before marriage is curse to girls in India. It affects them in all senses but do we really care about the boy? He is all in the same position.

These are some popular myths about virginity you need to overcome.

If Virgin, You Are Pure


The famous tagline of purity in India. If you are a girl and virgin you are accepted. We live in 21st century and we still demand the proof of purity before the marriage. But, we don’t expect the same from the boys because, they don’t have anything to loose while having sex. “You know what I mean” here.

First Time Will Be Painful and Bleed

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One of the biggest myths about virginity we know. Yes it is true the girl feel pain and bleed. But, not in every case it depends from person to person. We have a mind set that it will be really painful blah blah. There are many girls who have neither felt any pain nor have bleed. So just overcome this myth and have a good time with your partner it is normal thivng.

Sex After Marriage Is Valid

Myths about virginity

In India sex before marriage is curse. If you found you are not fit to leave in the society. They will not accept you. They are the decision makers, we don’t have any rights with our own body. So sex after marriage is only valid and healthy otherwise it is a crime.

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Hymen Is the Proof Of Virginity

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Many of us don’t know what is the use of hymen. And we still consider as the proof of virginity. It is very thin and sensitive membrane present. It can be break while cycling, gymnastics, horse riding etc. In many case woman even don’t have it. So it is the worst myths about virginity we need to avoid.

Your Genitals Will Change

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Many says that after having sex there will be many changes in your body. Mainly your Vagina will become loose. The fact nothing happens like this at all your it remains the same. The only that can alter your vagina is natural birth or old age. 

Virgin If You Haven’t Had Sex virginity

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Again a stupid assumption made by people. Virginity can be break at small age while doing physical activity. The hymen gets break while horse riding, cycling, gymnastics etc. So only sex is not the reason of virgin or not. One of the weird myths about virginity.

Strange To Be Virgin Afer Certain Age

strange to be virgin

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It is your choice when and with whom to loose it. There is no rule that you have to do it at certain age. And no one can take this from you. So it is perfect if you are not ready and continue to live as it is. You are the boss of your own thing.

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