How To Remove Password From PDF Like A Pro

remove password from pdf

Bank sents us Credit card statement every month in PDF format. The PDF Statement is password protected to prevent our personal information. But when we want to send the statement to anyone we have to share the password also. Today we will learn How To Remove Password From PDF Like A Pro.

How To Remove Password From PDF

Removing password from PDF will help us to share the documents with others.  There are paid softwares available to remove password from your PDF file. 

google chrome

We will use a free and most popular software to remove the password from your PDF document. This is already installed on your computers.

The software is Google Chrome browser. Google Chrome comes with inbuilt PDF writer. We can use the chrome and inbuilt PDF writer to remove the password.

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Steps To Remove Password From PDF

1. Drag any Password Protected PDF file into Google Chrome Browser. Use new Tab on Chrome and Drag the file into the address bar.

chrome pdf

2. Google Chrome now will ask to enter the password. Enter the correct password to view your PDF in Chrome.

3. Now go to file menu in the Chrome and choose print. Choose the destination printer as “save as PDF”. and click the save button.

4. Google Chrome will save your file on the desktop or any drive you choose. This file now will be not password protected. You can reopen the saved file in Chrome it will not ask you for a password.

This is the easiest way to remove password from PDF file. Now you can share the PDF or save it to your drive for future use.

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I hope this will help you with the password protected PDF file. Do comment your views on this. You can share if you know the alternate method.

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