How To Schedule Whatsapp Message Like a Pro

Whatsapp is the best messaging App available today. We use daily to share messages in the form text, videos, gif etc. Whatsapp recently updated lots of features and regularly updating. But some important features still need to integrate into the APP such as scheduler. Today we will see How To Schedule Whatsapp Message step by step.

Advantages Of Whatsapp Schedule Message

Imagine if you want to wish your friend or special person on his or her birthday. You wait for the clock to reach 12. But, sometimes when you come from the office you feel tired or just fall asleep you miss the opportunity.

Schedule Whatsapp message trick will help you to overcome such problems. Just you have to schedule the message before a month, week, day or hour.

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App To Schedule Whatsapp message

There is no inbuilt feature in Whatsapp to schedule message. So we need to download an Application from play store.

SQEDIT is the App you need to install. Its a good application with a rating of 4.

schedule whatsapp message

How To Schedule Whatsapp Message Step By Step

After installing the SQEDIT app from the play store click on OPEN and Follow these steps.

1. Register With The App

After opening the App it will ask for the registration. You can register with facebook or your Email ID.


2. Select Whatsapp From The Option

whatsapp message schedler

You will get the above dashboard. Select Whatsapp from the option.

3. Grant Access To The App

whatsapp scheduler

After successful registration, it will ask for the access. Click on open setting and choose the SQEDIT App. 

message schedule

Click on SQEDIT and select yes to give access to the app.

4. Add The Detailswhatsapp messenger

In the above screenshot, you can see the details required to schedule your message.

To: You have to select the WhatsApp contact you want to send the scheduled message.

Message: Type your message you wish to schedule

Schedule: Select date and time you want to send the message

Repeat Every: If you want to repeat the same message you can select repeat option.

Total Schedule: Keep it only once or as required.

Notify Me Before Sending: Keep this option off. Deselect it as it will not send the message until you approve via notification.

5. Click On Schedule


You can refer to screenshot to fill all the details. Once filled all the details properly click on schedule. The option is available in upper right corner. Your message will be scheduled.

After scheduling the message the app will send your message automatically to the person you selected on the particular date and time.

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So these were the steps to schedule WhatsApp message. Hope you like it. Do comment your views.

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