Top 5 SEO Benefits Of Responsive Web Design

SEO Benefits Of Responsive Web Design

As we all know the smartphone users increasing day by day. The traffic is moving from desktop to smartphones. If your website design is not responsive you will lose your potential users. There are many factors in responsive web design you have to take care of. In this article, we will see 5 SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design.

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Google’s first priority is user experience. If you fail to provide a good responsive website to the users, your ranking will be affected.

If your website is responsive and well optimised you can rank higher in search engines. So Let’s see 5 SEO benefits of Responsive Web Design.

1. Faster Loading Speed

Good loading speed leads to better user experience. Google always favour’s website with good loading speed. 

If your website is responsive it will load in a quick time on smartphones. The users will navigate your site in a quick time. This will boost your SEO and ranking will improve in search engines.

Check your website speed using Pingdom Speed Test

pingdom webiste speed test

Enter your website URL as shown in the image.

website speed test

You can see the results in the above image.

2. No Duplicate Contents

As we all know Google’s algorithms are very strong. If there is duplicate or copied content on your website ranking will be affected.

If you have a separate mobile website make sure the URL are same for both. Google will consider duplicate contents if URL is different. This will harm your SEO and will be difficult to rank. 

You can do SEO well if URL is same for both. Sometimes it becomes difficult to rank a mobile site on search engines.

You can use Copyscape tool or website to find out duplicate contents on your website.

3. Less Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is time spent by the visitor on site. How much time visitors spend on your website? Google monitors visitors action on your website. 

If visitors leave your site in a quick time Google understands that the content on your site is not relevant. This will also affect your ranking on Google.

But, the content is not the only thing users are interested. Your content might be well written with good information. If your site is not responsive the user will leave your site quickly.

So, A responsive website will display your content effectively as per users view. If he is using a mobile device content will be adjusted as per the screen size. 

4. Includes Social Sharing

Today social media has become very important. Though it will not help in ranking on search engine. It will attract a new audience that will result in good traffic.

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Responsive website design includes all the social media sharing options. This will allow users to share your content on social media. 

seo benefits of responsive web design

You can see in the above image Social Media Sharing Icons. This will help in sharing the content on all social media platforms. Your website will start getting good traffic and visitors.

5. Boost In Site Usability

The navigation of your site also matters to the users. With bad navigation, the user will not come back on your site again. 

Google consider time spent of the users on your site. Responsive design makes website user-friendly users can navigate all your pages and content easily. This will make them stay on your site for a long time. The result is an improved user experience.

Good usability score lead to returning visitors and good conversion. 

A mobile responsive web design is a positive user experience, and Google is going to reward sites that meet users with such an experience.

These were top 5 SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design. So just check your website it is responsive or not. If not then make it right away. Do comment your views on this.



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