Titanic Pictures : Rare Pictures Behind The Scene

One of the greatest movie in the history of world cinema Titanic. The movie which won many awards and hearts. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet became superstar and youth icons. All of us have seen this movie once or many times. Beautifuly directed by James Cameron with stunning visual effects. Here are some collections of Titanic Pictures behind the scenes of the movie.

Iconic Ship Titanic

Titanic Pictures

This was the iconic ship Titanic which was crashed in the middle of journey towards Liverpool.

Old Rose

Rose old titanic

Old actress who played the role of aged rose in the movie. Who narrates the story in the start. James Cameorn at the left.

Iconic Love Scene

Iconic love scene titanic

One of the most iconic scenes in the film history. Jack and Rose rehearsing with James Cameroon. One of the Rare Titanic Pictures.

Rose Try To Suicide

Titanic Rare pictures

Visuals of when Rose tries to commit suicide and Jack saves her. Here when they meet.

Leonardo, Kate & James

Leonardo, kate & James

The trio of the movie together Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet & James Cameron.

Jack and Rose

Jack and Rose Titanic

Jack and Rose taking nap while shooting. Rose almost slept must be tired.

Titanic Movie Rose Drawing Scene


Iconic sketch of Rose made in the movie. One of the nude scene in the movie where Jack draws the painting of nude Rose. One of the Titanic rare pictures.

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Leonardo and James

Leonardo and James

Leonardo and James discussing some scene of the movie together.

James Cameron

Jame cameron

James Cameron refering to a shot. Visualizing the scene whether it is perfect or not.

Beautiful Titanic

Beautiful Titanic Picture

Beautiful Image of Titanic ship in the night. Stunning visual and creation.

Jack and Rose Fun

Jack and Rose Titanic

Jack and Rose having fun during the shoot of the movie with camera.

Huge Titanic

Titanic ship

The start of the movie represents the huge Iconic Titanic with people boarding.

Titanic Guards

Titanic Sink

Guards in the movie searching for alive passengers. When Titanic complete destroyed.

Jack and Rose

Scene from titanic

Kate rehearsing for the final scene when Titanic Sink.

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet

Rose preparing for the shot. The makeup artist prepare her for the scene in the movie.


LeonardoDicaprio Titanic

LeonardoDicaprio having fun in the movie while shooting the last scene.

Titanic Breaks

Titanic Destroyed

Sad part of the movie when the Titanic breaks into half. Preparation of the iconic shot. Rare Titanic Pictures.

Iconic Titanic Ship

Iconic Titanic

Last shot of the ship which is labeled as Titanic to Liverpool England.

James Cameron with Kate

Tutanic rare pictures

James Camero directs the scene of the movie where Titanic sinks and passengers float on the water with life jacket.

Jack and Rose Final Scene

Jack and rose

James Cameron directs Leonardo and Kate winslet. Final scene where jack dies. Titanic rare picture.

These were some Titanic pictures. Behind the scene of the movie.

ALL Image source : GraphicsPedia

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