Unknown Facts About Hitler

Unknown facts about hitler

Hitler, the dictator of life time, a powerful personality and most researched man of its time. It goes truly for him you love him, you hate him, but you cannot ignore him. There are certain unknown facts about Hitler that are highlighted in this article.

Hitler, a True Art Lover

Hitler art lover

Unknown Facts About Hitler As told in his autobiography ”Mein Kampf”. Stated that he wanted to get admitted in art school. Hitler was quite passionate about art. He got dropped from high school in 1905 when he was 16. After his father passed away he always dreamed of becoming great artist. He described his teenage phase as the happiest time of his life. He would spend late nights drawing and painting.

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At that age his only friend Kubizek whom he met at opera. Listens to his speeches as audience. As told by Kubizek he always wanted very positive response from audience. And cannot stand any negative feedback or to be corrected by anyone. It was indeed one of his personality trait. Apparently, he was poet in his young days.Hitler wrote romantic poem for the girl named Stephanie which he never delivered. He was obsessed by her. She never knew about it till later. As a young he had natural art of drawing. But because of his lazy laid back attitude he failed in art.

Hitler’s Obsessions

Hitler nazi

Hitler was self obsessed man who couldn’t face criticism. Always wanted best for him even for his image. He had his personal photographer named Heinrich Hoffman, who use to click him while practicing his speeches. He was obsessed by the death of Jews. The most cruel of them was using gas chambers for mass murder of Jewish men, women and even children at Auschwitz. Where almost 1.5 million population was killed. This is known as a major setback to humanity. He thought Jewish was very contaminated race and should be eliminated.

Hitler was highly obsessed by his wins. In his down phase, he was not able to fight back his defeat. As he always considered supreme in the world. He never even thought to rule by anyone that is the reason he committed suicide in his Berlin bunker. Hitler also has an obsession for cocaine and other drugs. Hitler so much crave for cocaine that he started snorting powdered cocaine to clear his sinuses.

Hitler’s Scandalous Love Life

Unknown facts about hitler

Hitler has served many brief relationships with women. But one of the known and close was with his half niece and his romantic interest Geli Rubella. Later she killed herself with Hitler’s gun in his Munich apartment. This left Hitler in deep agony. Hitler used to prefer young women as they were easily dominated and handled Unknown Facts About Hitler. Such women could give leisure time to him in bed as per sources. As he was a powerful man he considered himself as a man every woman wants. Although he had many artists and actresses to entertain him.

As per sources, Hitler’s sister Paula, mentioned Hitler loved only Maria Reiters who was called ‘Mimi’ by Hitler. She was a shopkeeper at Hitler’s favourite or most visited shops. He first asked her for date where he wanted sexual intimacy, but was finally ended with a passionate kiss. Later both of them were involved romantically with each other. Maria always wanted commitment of marriage and family wit him but he always denied because of his political ambition. She then married twice on of which was resulted with divorce and other time lost her spouse as he was killed in France in 1940.After both of marriage she was involved with Hitler. She once tried failed suicide attempt.

Eva Braun, a professional photographer with whom Hitler had long 14 year relationship till their death. She was most important and trusted member of his inner circle. Hitler even married Eva before their death. Their marriage lasted for 40 hours. She too deeply loved Hitler. As per reports, she too try to kill herself twice but couldn’t succeed. It’s been said she attempted the above action, to draw attention of Hitler so that he can spend time with him. Later she moved  at his residence. Apparently, she also had disturbed life. They together committed suicide after their marriage. As she never wanted Hitler to die alone. They ended their life by Eva Braun having cyanide and Hitler shot himself.

These were Unknown Facts About Hitler the most powerful man in history

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