Vinod Kambli Talented Cricketer : Who Could Have Been Legend Like Sachin

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Vinod Kambli Talented Cricketer who hit the first ball of Ranji Trophy for 6. He made two consecutive double hundreds followed by two centuries in test cricket. Holds the average of 54 which is highest by an Indian Batsmen. Became fastest Indian to get 1000 Runs in test cricket, took only 14 test matches to get there.

But, he went on to play just 17 test matches for India!! Test career of the talented batsmen came to end at very young age. Vinod Kambli was just 23 when he played his last test. What really went wrong??

Vinod Kambli and Sachin Tendulkar

Vinod Kambli Sachin Tendulkar Young

We all know the story of record 664 Runs partnership made by two 13 years old batsmen from Mumbai. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar and Vinod Ganpat Kambli this brought both the friends into the limelight. In that unbeaten partnership, very few know Vinod Kambli made 349 Runs Were Sachin Tendulkar made 326 Runs. At the end of the match, Vinod Kambli took 6 wickets with the ball.

The talent would have been something else. Vinod Kambli would have been a legend like Sachin, Dravid and other great players. But as Sanjay Manjrekar said, “If you marry a phenomenal work ethic to the talent you’re born with, then you can achieve almost anything.

Don’t Let Success Go to Your Head

Vinod Kambli Talented Cricketer

According to Vinod Kambli his teammates, selectors, and the captain did not support him. He says his career was ruined under politics of everyone. He also blamed his best friend Sachin Tendulkar, In an interview, Kambli said Sachin was not stood by him in his bad times.

But, many says Vinod Kambli is responsible for his downfall, he was his own worst enemy. The fame he got after those double centuries go to his head.

After a dream starts in Test, many say Vinod Kambli got more attracted towards alcohol, gold, and women. There were many incidents of Alcohol and Abuses reported against him. Mohd Azharuddin then his captain also claimed he was having attitude and alcohol problem.

Never worked on his weakness, Kambli always struggled with the short ball. Bowlers like Courtney Walsh always exposed him with the shorter delivery. Kambli never overcame from this weakness throughout his career. At International level bowlers attacked him with short pitch deliveries and he was clueless.

Kapil Dev In an Interview said the environment of the house and friend circle was also the factor affected Vinod Kambli. He said Sachin and Kambli both were great talents maybe Kambli more, but the culture and environment from which Sachin came were totally different. The temperament, dedication Sachin showed Kambli never achieved.

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No doubt Vinod Kambli Talented Cricketer was born with the talent one dream of, but with talent, there has to be hard work, dedication, and discipline to become a success. Imagine if Kambli followed the footstep of Sachin Tendulkar than we would have got a most dangerous partner in the cricket history. But as it said Imagination and reality are very different.

Harsha Bhogle IIM Ahmedabad Speech on Kambli

Harsha said attitude is the most important thing than talent. Talent will help you for the shorter time. He gave example how Vinod Kambli Talented Cricketer depended only on talent and was finished only playing 17 test matches. Very inspiring speech by Harsha Bhogle Must Listen.

Sachin comments on Kambli

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“I don’t want to talk about talent because that’s not for me to judge,” Sachin told a leading English newspaper when asked about Kambli.

Sachin said: “But if we have to talk about differences, then I would say that Kambli’s lifestyle was totally different. We were both individuals with different natures, and we responded differently to many situations. In my case, my family was always there to keep an eye and keep me grounded at all times. I can’t speak for Vinod Kambli.”

Vinod Kambli A Lesson

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The youngsters out there must learn from Vinod Kambli. How attitude can change everything if taken care of. Vinod Kambli Talented Cricketer was a big loss for the cricketing world. Do comment your views on this article.

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