WhatsApp Business App: Full Features and Details

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp is the best messaging application with over one billion users. One month ago they announced of launching a WhatsApp Business App which will help to engage with the customers easily and fast. Now the App is in a testing mode. In this article, we will see full features of WhatsApp Business App.

WhatsApp Business

Image Source: AndroidPolice

The App is still in testing mode and WhatsApp is asking for the feedback from the users. The App comes with logo B. According to Android Police website, the features are accordingly

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WhatsApp Business App testing

Image Source: AndroidPolice

As you can see in the above image all the features they are testing to roll out the App.

WhatsApp Business and Personal Account

The Business App will be separate and individual on the Play Store.  This will help the Account Managers to keep their personal and Business app separately.

The best feature is you can link or use your landline numbers with this App. This is the best option for small business people. The account managers don’t have to give their personal number to interact with the customers.

WhatsApp Business App

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Business owners will now have great advantages with the separate WhatsApp Business App. They can engage with customers easily and effectively. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to reply or check messages on personal WhatsApp. 

WhatsApp Business Android App

The Android App is available which is Beta Version on the play store. As I mentioned earlier it is in a testing mode. The Icon is Replaced by Capital Letter B.

The App design and color everything is same as personal WhatsApp only the name is Replaced as WhatsApp Business. There are two changes you will find after clicking on settings. 

  • Statistics
  • Business Settings

WhatsApp Business Setting

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We can make out with terms statistics itself. It will provide full stats of messages. Business Setting will give the option to edit your business profile.

Whatsapp Statistics

Image Source: AndroidPolice

As you can see in the above image the stats of the messages is shown in the statistics section. The business setting has edit business profile and edit away message.

WhatsApp Business Profile

The main page has your profile picture similar to personal WhatsApp. It also contains the Business name, Verified & Unverified Badge.

After clicking on pencil option or edit option you will get more options to enter details. This includes Location, Tags, Description, Your E-mail id, and your website.

WhatsApp Business profile

Image Source: AndroidPolice

You can see in the above image all the options you will get in the App.

Business Categories

You will get various categories to define your business. You have to choose relevant for your business.

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Whatsapp Business Category

Image Source: AndroidPolice

As you can see in the above image there are various categories provided by the WhatsApp you have to select relevant from the list.

Away Messages

There is a new feature included called away message. This will be the automated response to the customers when they will reach you and you are not available. You can set them to On, Off or Schedule.

WhatsApp Business Away message

Image Source: AndroidPolice

In the above image, you can see the setting details of the away message.

Customer View

When your customer adds your number they will get to see your business profile. It will be normal WhatsApp view. In the chat screen End to End Encryption details, Profile picture icon and last seen etc.

If they will click on full profile details they will get to see your profile picture, Verification badge, Location, Tags and your website URL.

whatsapp business profile details

Image Source: AndroidPolice

So this was the details about WhatsApp Business Application. Every business person will be waiting for its official launch. As this will help to interact with customers easily and effectively. Do comment your views on this.

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