WhatsApp Business Application: 5 Best Features To Improve Business

Whatsapp Business Apllication

In the month of October WhatsApp announced the launching of WhatsApp Business App. The App was given to some companies for testing in India. Bookmyshow and Redbus where using it recently. Now WhatsApp has fully launched the WhatsApp Business Application in the Indian Market. This will help the small business to improve.

What is WhatsApp Business Application

Since Facebook bought WhatsApp not earned anything from it. Now they have launched WhatsApp for business to monetize the APP. This will help the small business to medium business big time. The App will also work as the Landing page for those who don’t have the business website. Facebook is working on Call-To-Action Button where your customers will click and land on WhatsApp Chat.

The app will allow Business to enter all their details Address, Contact details, and nature of the business. This will make easy to reach business more easily.

How To Install and Register Your Business

WhatsApp Business Application

The Application is available in Play store. Download the App and Install it. There is 2 step registration required to get started.

After installation opens the App and Register your Business Number. If the same number already used in Personal Whatsapp you can turn it to the Business Account. Now enter your Business Name remember once you have entered your Business name you cannot change it so carefully enter the name.

This will help the users to maintain their personal and business profile separately. You can answer all the queries of the customers more effectively.

The WhatsApp Business App has all the features of the normal Whatsapp that we use. Features like stories, groups, normal messaging and broadcast messages are available.

Let’s see some of the cool features that you will get in WhatsApp Business App.

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1. Business Profile

Whatsapp business profile

You can set up your business profile by adding all the details. You can Add your Business address, Business Category, Business description, Business hours, Email address and your Website.

All these details will available to your clients so that they can communicate with you effectively.

2. Stats Of Messages

whatsapp business stats

This will show you all the stats of messages. Like total no of messages received, Messages Delivered, Messages Read and Messages Sent. More stats will be included in this sections in future.

3. Away Message

Whatsapp Business away message

There is a new feature included called away message. This will be the automated response to the customers when they will reach you and you are not available. You can set them to OnOff or Schedule. This feature does not work in a group. This will help your customer to stay engaged. You can set away message which will be delivered to your customers as soon as they will message you.

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4. Greeting Messages

whatsapp business greeting


This feature will help you to send a pre-written text. The new customers who messaged you for the first time or contact you after 14 days gap. This is the best way to remain engaged with the customers.

5. Quick Replies

whatsapp business qick message

This is one of the best features you will get. It will help you to save time while replying to your customers. You can add messages under keywords. For example, you can choose keyword thankyou and write a message under this which will use in quick reply.

Whatsapp Business quick reply

Just you have to enter back / slash to get all your quick replies as a pop-up and select the one you need to send. You can reply faster to the frequently asked questions by customers.

These were the 5 cool features you will get with WhatsApp Business Application. Much more to come as the App is rolled out in the market. Let’s see how it impacts the business.

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