Whatsapp Delete For Everyone Feature How To Use It

Whatsapp has finally rolled out one of the most important features WhatsApp Delete For Everyone. This will allow users to delete any wrong message sent to any group or person. The message will be deleted from everyone’s WhatsApp chat.

Whatsapp Delete For Everyone Feature

The tech giant was working on this feature for almost a year. After successful testing, they rolled out the features and is available to most of the users now.

The feature is available to the users who has the updated version of the Whatsapp.

There is a condition while deleting the message. The user has to delete the message within seven minutes. After seven minutes they will not able to delete the sent message.

Both the users must have a latest updated version to get the Whatsapp Delete For Everyone Feature.

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How It Works?

To delete the message you have to follow these step.

Open Whatsapp go to chat having the message you want to delete.

whatsapp delete for everyone

  • Tap and Hold the message and choose delete from menu
  • You will get 3 options Delete for me, Delete For Everyone, Cancel.
  • Select Delete For Everyone
  • You will get text “This message was deleted

whatsapp message delete

The second option “Delete for me” will delete the message from your side only.

Whatsapp said: Both the users must have the latest Updated version of Whatsapp to avail this feature. Otherwise, they will not get the options.

Advantage Of Whatsapp Delete For Everyone Feature

Many times it happens we send the wrong message due to typing error or suggestions. So we use to correct it and send again. But Now you can delete the wrong message and send it again.

Many times when we forward the message to any group or user we choose the wrong one. Then we say sorry or ignore it to the specific group or user. Now we can delete those messages immediately after sending.

Whatsapp delete message feature is really an important feature to all of us. All the users will get this feature slowly and can use it. Do comment your views on this.

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