Whatsapp Payment Feature Everything You Need To Know

Whatsapp Payment

Whatsapp leading instant messaging application is set to launch its new feature. This feature is Whatsapp Payment. It is said that the feature will help the users to transfer or receive money while using the application. In this article, we will see how this feature will work.

What is Whatsapp Payment?

Whatsapp first time announced this in the month of August. Recently the engineers of Whatsapp shared some demo pics about the feature and explained how it will work.

Acording to the source Whatsapp Pay feature will be seen in the attachment section. There will be a symbol of pay along with camera, documents, location, contact etc.

whatsapp payment

In the above image, you can see the symbol of Pay. The users while chatting can use the feature for sending or receiving payment. Users will get unique pin number for the authentication. 

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How Will It Work?

The feature is said to be very simple and innovative. Users can send or receive money like they are sending images. The biggest advantage is the users can send money without leaving the chat section.

To send money a user could simply enter the desired amount to be paid and enter the verification or unique PIN before sending. 

The receiver will get a notification which will be similar to shared contact feature. This will show two options Accept or Reject to the receiver.

whatsapp pay feature

Some sources shared the impression image. You can see in the above image how the feature will work.

Launch Country?

According to the source, the Whatsapp Payment Feature will first roll out in India. As India has more than 20 million Whatsapp users. More than any other country. The Indian users will get this feature in the month of December.

The Whatsapp engineers confirmed that the testing is in the final stage. In the month of December, it will be completed and India is the first country to get this feature.

Whatsapp Business App

WhatsApp Business

Recently Whatsapp also announced it’s Business App for business users. This App will be separately available in the play store and Ios.

The combination of both will help the users to get most out of the Application.

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Bad News For Digital wallets, payment companies in India

The digital wallets and payment companies will face tough competition from Whatsapp payment feature. As it has the majority of users.

The companies like Paytm, Payumoney, Mobiiwik etc will be most affected. In this Digital era, everyone prefers to pay digitally through API. So Whatsapp will get most out of it but the other players will get affected badly.

All the users are waiting for this features lets see when Whatsapp will officially announce. Do comment your views on this.

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